Alongside my academic research, I also work as a Teaching Assistant for the Department of English Studies at Durham. As a TA, I teach tutorial classes of around 8–10 undergraduate students every 3 weeks during term-time — these tutorial classes supplement their weekly lectures. Choosing a selection of texts to focus on from the wider module, I plan a tutorial syllabus for the year; for my classes, I create and distribute preparation handouts, guide discussion during the class, set and mark formative essays, and mark end-of-year exams. Details on the modules that I teach/have taught are below, and information on how these modules relate to my research can be found here.

Introduction to the Novel (2020–21, 22–23)

'Introduction to the Novel' is a compulsory module for all English Studies undergraduates at Durham. The module provides an overview on the development of the English novel, encouraging analysis of adaptations as well as the texts themselves. The texts on this module, as of 2020, are: Moll Flanders (Defoe), Emma (Austen), Jane Eyre (Brontë), Bleak House (Dickens), Heart of Darkness (Conrad), Wide Sargasso Sea (Rhys), Midnight's Children (Rushdie), the true-crime novel In Cold Blood (Capote), and the comic book The Watchmen (Moore).

Epic and The Literature of Legend (2019–22)

'Epic and The Literature of Legend' (previously titled 'Myth and Epic of the North') is an optional module, covering literature in translation from Old English, Old Norse, and Old French traditions. It is designed as an entry point into the research area, introducing students to the key literary, cultural, and historical considerations that are present when approaching these older texts, and this includes discussion of the translation and transmission process, manuscript tradition, and the attempt to understand past cultures. Texts on the module, as of 2020, are: Beowulf, a selection of shorter Old English poetry (e.g. 'The Wanderer', 'The Dream of the Rood', and 'Judith'), The Poetic Edda, Egil's Saga, Gisli's Saga, and The Song of Roland.