a visible and intangible entity

Object is a collaboration which began between two curious English Literature students. Over eight years it grew into an eclectic archive of our lives as experienced through the objects we find. Start at the beginning, middle, or end, as we finished our object-filled adventure in August 2022 at 400 Objects.

Below is a selection of Katie's 100+ posts, more of which can be found on the Object website


Finding hope in an aimless existence

The Religious Icon

Exploring the act of artistic prayer

The Clock and the Looking Glass

Adventuring into a mirror world


On life, death, and existential moments

Passport Photos

The intimacy of identity

A Lyre

Can you hear the past?

The Mirror

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall... who am I?"

The Wedding Rings

A symbol of union, and container of memory

The DNA Model

Why simplification is vital for making sense of the world

The Lost Objects

How do you find the objects you’ve lost?

The Stage

On the performance of life

The New Notebook

Blank pages with a purpose

The Brick

Can you build creativity out of a single brick?

The Kite

“Let’s go fly a kite…”

The Rejection Letter

Finding hope in a hopeless place…

Cove's Memorial Sculpture

Human grief in the face of natural disaster